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Bees Settling in for Winter


Bee Hive in November Sun

Bee Hive in November Sun

Well its late November and the cold weather has begun, with several frosts. The recent mild weather has meant that I was able to complete my Varroa treatment ( oxalic acid vapour ) and bring the hive back into a reasonable state. The bees were even taking heavy syrup until late October. Continue reading

Varroa Mites – Oxalic Vapour Treatment

I had to come to a hard decision to treat my bees. The hive had reached a daily Varroa drop count of nearly 100. The writing was on the wall, I either did something or I would lose my bees and have to start again next year. My long term strategy is to breed bees that can handle Varroa themselves and to regress my bees to impede the varroa life-cycle. But the hard truth is I’m just not there yet. Continue reading