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April Laurel Forage For bees

April Update – Bees Busy, Plenty of Forage

Field Rape Seed Flowering

Field Rape Seed Flowering

Its The end of April and the hive is buzzing with bees. Between the rain and windy weather the bees having been building up rapidly. The top of the hive is full of bees. The first drones appeared about a week ago and I would have attempted a split but the poor weather has set things back a bit. So I’ll make my first split in early May.

april-bees-bringing-pollenBack in March i did a full inspection and found that in the brood box, about 50% of the honey stores were still present but their appeared to be a shortage of pollen. However the early spring has meant that there has been plenty of pollen available and the bees were busy bringing it in. The super stores has not been touched. The inspection showed the hive in good health with the original queen still alive and doing well!

April has brought a huge amount of forage. The primary source is a large rape seed field about half a mile away, nearby laurels flowering and toward the end of April Sycamore trees. But within just a few yards of the hive there is a huge number of nectar sources. Some of them are pictured below.