Bee enjoying February Snow Drops

February Bees Collecting Pollen – The Annual Cycle Begins

Bees Collecting Pollen Mid February

Bees Collecting Pollen Mid February

For the last couple of weeks between the storms and rain, the bees have started collecting pollen on the few sunny days. The snow drops are flowering and this appears to be providing at least one source for pollen. Some of the pollen coming back to the hive is off white but some is bright orange, I guess that could daffodil or crocus from further down the hills where they have started flowering.

Still it is great that the hive is doing well and is active. The season is clearly starting and the queen must be busy laying eggs and the hive preparing brood for the upcoming spring. So the annual cycle begins!

This year will be more about increasing the number of hives and nucs that I have. The late spring last year meant I was unable to fit n a split. This year is looking more positive and am hoping to do several early splits.

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