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Oxalic Acid Vaporization Varroa Treatment

I have just treated my two hives for varroa using Oxalic Acid Vaporization. I did the treatment last year and really didn’t see a mite until early September. Since then there has been an increasing problem made worse by the extended warm weather. Anyway I videoed what I did for anyone whos is interested. I will update this post if and when I do further treatments.

Treating Bee Hives for Varroa using Oxalic Acid Vaporization.

For anyone interested in the details of oxalic acid vaporization have a look at the article I wrote when I was first making the decision to use this method.

Article on Oxalic Acid Vaporization Treatment.

Varroa Mites – Oxalic Vapour Treatment

I had to come to a hard decision to treat my bees. The hive had reached a daily Varroa drop count of nearly 100. The writing was on the wall, I either did something or I would lose my bees and have to start again next year. My long term strategy is to breed bees that can handle Varroa themselves and to regress my bees to impede the varroa life-cycle. But the hard truth is I’m just not there yet. Continue reading

Wasps around Beehive

Guard Bee Defending Hive Entrance from Wasp

Guard Bee Defending Hive Entrance from Wasp

Wasps are a well known pest around bees and over this season I have seen this first hand. Wasps continuously attempting to find ways into the hive and also predating on weak bees and pupae on the ground in-front of the hive. Recently, when I stopped feeding and the weather turned bad, the bees started evicting drones and throwing out pupae. The wasps were all over them as they were dumped or driven from the hive. It was not a pleasant sight – but I guess that’s the way nature works. Continue reading