Monthly Archives: May 2013

Getting Started With Bee Keeping

The Bees are in trouble and my resolution for 2013 has been to start bee-keeping and do my bit for the bees. I’ve been interested in honey bees for years but never quite found the time or money to get going until this year.


My First National Bee Hive – Prepped & ready to go

My first national hive has arrived and is in place – a 14×12 brood box with two supers built by peak hives in red cedar. Another hive based on all mediums is on order and should arrive next month. All I need now is the bees!

As i am intending to be completely foundationless and treatment free, I have ordered a package of bees rather than a NUC. When they arrive my first challenge will be to get them to 1)  stay and 2) build comb in the right place! However, the package has been delayed due to the poor weather. Still I have been busy while waiting for the bees – building frames, familiarising myself with all the equipment and genning up on what I need to do.